OPMA’s inspectors are fully trained on the standards and goals of OPMA. Inspectors are selected based on the following criteria:

ISO 17065 Inspector Qualification Requirements

  • Inspection candidates will possess the following minimum criteria:
    • Agricultural degree
    • Three years farming experience in either general produce or specific commodity farming such as tree farming or grain
    • GIP Course
    • Inspector experience

Additional Information On the Above Requirements

  • Education is required evidenced in the form of an agricultural degree from an accredited institution. This may be a 2 or 4 year degree or the successful completion of as many college courses. The degree should focus on fruit and vegetable production or related subjects. The Chair of the Major Technical Review Board shall make all final determination of adequacy.
  • General hands-on experience in farming, fruit or vegetable production. Minimum 3 years hands-on experience.
  • Specific experience in particular farming practices and commodities is a substitute for general experience and at times needed, but not required for qualification. The Chair of the Major Technical Review Board shall make all final determination of adequacy.
  • OPMA Inspector Good Inspection Practices (GIP) Course successful completion.
  • 3 years or 6 inspections, inspector documented experience.

Notes: Completion of the GIP course and meeting all of the above requirements still requires field examination, report review and final approval by the Major Technical Review Board of all work prior to full inspector status.

The Chair of the Major Technical Review Board shall make all final determinations of adequacy on the above requirements. If you have concerns about meeting the above criteria it is highly encouraged that you contact Karl Kolb Ph.D., with your questions before beginning the GIP course.

There are no guarantees that completion of the above requirements and courses will ensure inspector status.

What to Expect of the Inspector

In order:

  • OPMA Identification Card
  • Overview of the inspection criteria
  • Overview of the scoring criteria
  • Overview of reviews, appeals and mediation procedures
  • Brief overview to their experience and training
  • Request for an overview of your farm and farming practices, farm history and challenges
  • Walk around of your facility and farm
  • Inspection of your records
  • Questions and Answers on the Inspection
  • Exit Briefing (The Exit Briefing will list all non-compliance areas.)

Your official report will follow in 10 business days.

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